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A Brand New and Exclusive Retail System that you and your customers have been waiting for.

Available now to Buy or Lease.

We have partnered with the best Hardware and Software companies in the industry in IBM and Datasym, to bring a cost effective retail solution to small and medium sized retailers.


Have you been looking for a new system?

The wait is over, it is now time to work smarter, not harder.


Are you frustrated at the number of companies offering EPOS solutions which don't meet your needs or can't provide a all in one solution. Is EPOS is not your game and you just want some advice as you are not sure on what system you require, you are that one key step away from getting information on the best solution for your business, and your day is about to get a lot better. Every business owner has a passion to make their business grow and will want to do the best for their business. We here at New Horizon Systems have that same passion which has transitioned the company from a business running from home to a fast paced growing company that can partner with the best to bring the best for it's customers. 


The New Horizon Retail System involves a partnership with IBM and Datasym to provide a solution which is totally scalable from a one store operation to a multichain running 100 of stores. Click here to request a link to our eBrochure FlipBook which contains all of the information you need about our packages. 


We offer three tailor made packages for all retail businesses which can include low cost integrated Chip&Pin, Scale links, scanning of price embedded barcodes, head office solutions, manage your business from the comfort of your home or anywhere with an internet connection. See live sales as they happen, manage your business from a back office pc, or if you are just after a simple scanning system the New Horizon Retail Systems caters for all.


With a huge customer base and a fantastic after sale support you will see how our business runs from referrals and with our friendly service you really have nothing to lose.  


Contact us by clicking the link below and we will email you are flip book presenation and can request either a online demo or a video presentation of the software showing why we believe the New Horizon Systems Retail system is exactly what you and your customers have been waiting for.


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