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POS Hire

Renting till systems has proved an excellent alternative to purchasing. With budgets tightening, and customer expectations ever growing - renting a fast, reliable, user friendly system for a cut of the purchasing price is an excellent solution for many.

There are many reasons why organisations will choose to rent a system, whether you are:
- A new business and want try a certain type of system before you decide what to spend your money on.
- A new or existing business that is looking to upgrade their current systems but are unsure what you would best suit your business needs.
- An events company / organiser that will only require a till system for a short period of time, its much cheaper to rent a system for a week than it is to purchase one!
- Or weather you just don't have the spare funds available to spend on the purchase of a system.

New Horizon Systems have been renting out systems for around 3 or 4 years now. It is becoming ever popular as each year passes, with customers coming back to use our service year on year. We have rented tills to small/new businesses as well as massive organisations like: Tesco, Lucozade, Boots, John Lewis, Vogue, Maybelline New York and many others.

We give you more:
- Every system comes with FREE till rolls (4 rolls)!
- You can rely on us if you have any questions with our FREE support.
- Enquire today; receive your till tomorrow (where applicable).
- No hidden costs!
- Excellent service, we really do go the extra mile to make our customers happy.
- Cheaper prices for longer term rentals.