Money Counting Machines
Money Counting Machines
Coin counters, Money counting machines and Coin counting machines are quickly becoming a staple part of any retail or hospitality based business. In the most recent years, the technology has moved forward to enable these devices to be more accurate. The Money counting machines, counters and coin counting machines help speed up the process by eliminating the need to hand count the money. These devices allow full totals of any denomination to be collected from the contents of a cash draw to free up time at the end of a shift or financial breakdown.

We at New Horizon Systems are now supplying new Moneying counting machines to rent or buy from us. The selected devices all come with a power cable, coin cup and pre-programmed/Calibrated scales to make sure that the amounts measured are accurate. Prices will differ from model and agreement of rental

(Please note that we are currently only supplying the Money counting machines. We are not currently supplying software or printers)

If you would like to hear more about counting money using these machines that we supply, please contact us using the buttons below to direct you to the right area. You can also call us to discuss options available to you.

£145.00exc VAT
£25.00exc VAT
£195.00exc VAT
£85.00exc VAT
£275.00exc VAT