iZettle Hire
iZettle Hire

iZettle Hire is available in different bundles – see below for availability.

If you need to take card payments immediately and don’t have time to set up a merchant number, the iZettle solution may be for you. iZettle connects with any Bluetooth compatible IOS or Android device to enable you to take payments. We include a Bluetooth compatible printer as well. With iZettle there is no need for a merchant account or separate contract with a merchant services provider. You just need an bank account registered in the name in your business, in case of a business account, or in your own name for a private account.

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Summary -

  • Accept Card Payments Via iPhone, iPad or Android
  • No Fixed Fees
  • The more you sell, the less you pay
  • 2.75% to 1% transaction Fees
  • Supplied with or without Bluetooth Printer
  • Available Next Day
  • Contactless and Apple Pay Ready

*Card Reader colour may be different to pictures, we have black and white available, both with the same features. If you require a specifc colour please specify when you place your order. 
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