Ipad Pos System
Ipad Pos System

Our Ipad Pos System uses Lavu Pos Software and is suitable for all hospitality environments. Restaurants, Bars, Cafes and Pizza places can all enjoy over 180+ Features. Take orders on an iPad, iphone, or iPod touch and send them directly to the kitchen. Used in 80+countries Lavu is the worlds most popular Ipad Pos System and is now available in the UK fully supported by New Horizon Systems.

Our Ipad Pos System comprises of subscription to Lavu Pos paid in dollars directly to Lavu of $69/month approximately £55.00 per month on an annual subscription or alternatively $79/month billed monthly approximately £65.00 per month. Note Lavu prices are subject to exchange rate fluctuations.

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Unlimited Devices

Your Lavu subscription includes unlimited Tableside Mode devises. Unlimited Ipod Touch and Iphone Devices at no extra cost. The only restrictions are Tableside Mode is used for order taking only. No cashout. Ipod Touch and Iphone Devices have no clock-in/out. No server summaries.

Recommended equipment required for Ipad Pos System.

All can be provided by New Horizon Systems Ltd
  • Ipad size 9.7inch 32GB Wifi or Ipad Pro 12.9inch 64GB Wifi, or Ipad Mini 4 128GB Wifi which we can provide and configure for you or alternatively you can source yourself.
  • Lavu Printers. Lavu is compatible with the following Epson Printers. Epson Thermal TM-T88V (Standard). TM-T88V-i (Smart Printer for USB). Epson TM-T20II (Economy), Epson M30 Thermal (Sleek Cube Design).
  • Kitchen Printer Epson U220B Impact (Kitchen) Printer
  • Cash Drawers. Recommended APG
  • A Certified network which should have integrity, connectivity, stability, Excellent wireless coverage, A strong WiFI signal. Our equipment advice are Ubiquiti Network POE routers and Ubiquti Access Points.
Enhance your Ipad Pos System with Lavu Kitchen Displays (KDS)

At approximately $20 per month approximately £15.00 you can add Lavu KDS. This excellent addition offers lightning speed restaurant communications, for fast flawless orders.
  • Customizable interface and display options.
  • Paid and unpaid identifiers
  • Visual indicators for updated or deleted items
  • Order Timer
  • Reporting on order times and item times
  Ipad Kitchen Screen

Your ipad Pos system provides you all your reports right at your Fingertips. Check out Lavu Pilot

From anywhere in the world. Most restaurant and bar owners don't live at their establishments.But they do need to always know what's happening there-how many orders there are and what people are ordering, and everything else that success depends on.

Lavu Pilot Features
  • Real-Time reports from your iOS device
  • Remote access to sales data
  • Multi-location single sign on
  • Total reports for multi-location establishments
  • Dashboard with a quick look at gross sales, guest count, total orders and average order
  • Zoom in on details by current day, previous day, week,month and year.
  • Track Payments, Track Staff Costs. Track Menu Sales, Track Trends

Integrated Card Payments

Coming Soon we will be integrating card payments with Lavu Software. Testing is currently under way and we will be adding various options to Lavu Software.

Gift and Loyalty

Far and away the most important part of your establishment's success is customer satisfaction. As much as 80% of all restaurant sales come from repeat customers.

Lavu offer two seperate features that will bring you new customers and get them to keep coming back.

Lavu Gift

$25 per month approximately £20 per month. Offer gift cards for sure fire customer growth and retention. Gift Cards encourage new customers to try your restaurant and generate priceless word of mouth publicity,

Lavu Loyalty

$25 per month approximately £20 per month. Use Lavu to create a loyalty program at your restaurant. Encourage one-time visitors to become regulars.

Have the best of both worlds and save big special offer both Lavu Gift and Loyalty $40 per month approximately £30.00 per month. This gets you both these incredible features.

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£55.00exc VAT