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Is there such a thing as a perfect POS Solution for a Hotel? Is anything perfect? What is perfect for one Hotel may not be perfect for another. Sure some POS systems are brilliant for bars and restaurants but fall down when it comes with integrating with a Hotel Property Management System (PMS). Usually the compromise is either to keep both systems separate or use a software that links with a PMS System but not really a good POS Software. Not an ideal solution for a busy hotel.

The modern hotel not only offers the traditional services of a room and breakfast and Food and Beverages but leisure facilities now play an important role in any hotel. It is now critical for hoteliers to deliver a perfect guest experience. The sharing of experiences on social media and websites such as trip advisor put increasing pressure on Hotels to be perfect in every way. All this and you need to run the business profitable as thousands of pounds can be wasted if you don't get it right. Who would want to be a Hotelier in today's environment?

As a Pos Company we have avoided the hotel sector as until now there has not been really a solution that has given us anything to get excited about.17 Years of experience in POS and you become an expert but we don't pretend to be an expert in Hotel PMS Systems or even have the perfect system. Most businesses have problems but successful ones concentrate on solutions.

Hotel Pos who are Vectron?

In September 2017 we agreed to take on Vectron Pos developed by Vectron a German company that develops, produces and distributes intelligent POS Systems, POS software.

Many years ago this was sold through a UK distributor called Geller and although more expensive than a traditional system the quality of the product and software the product flew into many establishments across the country. Many still have the same systems today..

As a Pos Software it's second to none. The Germans have a reputation for quality and the latest Vectron range oozes this in abundance. With over 200,000 installations Vectron is one of the largest European producers of POS Systems.and if you speak to a Vectron customer they will never change for anything else. Who else can offer an optional 10 year guarantee on their hardware!!. The proprietary nature of the product also has it's appeal in todays market. Most End Users decide in favour of a proprietary POS System.

Why Choose Vectron for your Hotel Pos System?

Vectron as a supplier of both hardware and software is not a PC System so avoids a lot of issues faced by customers and suppliers about incompatibility of hardware devices with software. How many times has the wonderful customer display not worked with an POS Software and then you get into the arguement about what's at fault the hardware or the software. No such issues with Vectron it works straight out of the box.

Links to many Hotel Property PMS Systems

However in the hotel environment is where a Vectron Pos System excels. It has a wide range of links to most popular Hotel Property Management (PMS) systems. These include Micros Fidelio Opera by Oracle, Protel Hotel Software, SIHOT hotel management software,.hetras, amadeus, AvonData, and Resident Pro. Coming soon will be Guestline. Now not only can a hotel have the benefit of a great Pos System but not have to change a Hotel PMS System which they are familiar with. The best of both worlds.

Vectron Hotel Pos System.

The range of Vectron Pos Systems suitable for Hotels include the Vectron POS Touch 15 ii PCT, it's younger model the Vectron POS Touch 12 ii PCT, the awarded Vectron POS MobilePro III, and the Vectron Pos PC. All remarkable machines long lasting and suitable for Hotel Pos Systems.