Many studies have shown that loyalty cards are one of the most effective ways to build brand loyalty and improve customer retention. However one of the limiting factors has always been the cost of producing the loyalty cards. Often you need to go to a specialist card printing company who will charge you for the design work and then hit you with a cost of a minimum order usually 1000, delivery and before you know the costs are spiralling higher and higher. With this in mind our costs are kept low and are shown below, if you would like to enuire about loyalty card printing contact us on info@newhorizon-systems.co.uk .
At New Horizon Systems we now offer a one stop solution which includes in house printing of cards. This investment of ours makes setting up a loyalty system very affordable for any retailer and this low cost solution enables any retailer to compete with the big chains. We can print cards for anything be it a loyalty card, Gift Card, Discount Card, Reward Cards, Membership Cards, Business Cards all of which can generate excellent revenues for your business.
The added advantage is that you know its going to work so no risk involved. Our magnetic cards are all based upon magnetic strips that are High Coercivity HICO. The Coercivity defines how strong the magnetic field is and how immune the data on the magnetic strip is to damage. Our high coercivity cards are fully tested with our EPOS System and are less likely for the strip to damage.
If you needed any reason to implement a loyalty system here are just a few:
  1. Helps to retain customers by giving them a value for repeat business.
  2. Customers will often return to your store again as the more they purchase from you the faster they accumulate points which can be redeemed.
  3. A loyalty system can help you track your customer buying habits and allows you to adjust marketing plans accordingly.
  4. You can set up different loyalty schemes based upon customer type and level. For example Gold, Silver and Bronze. Double points on slow periods e.g double points on a Tuesday. Birthday bonus and introduction bonus.
  5. With a correctly run loyalty system many businesses can expect a significant increase in sales.
Gift cards are an excellent way to increase sales as customers prepay an amount that can be spent in your store. Our gift cards can be printed on the front in Full colour and on the back in either a single colour, black or full colour. Each card can be sequential numbering and magnetic strip encoding. Gift cards can be of various amounts such as £5, £10, £15, £20 and £25.
The Geller Touch Full software now fully supports Gift cards and Loyalty cards. For existing customers we offer an excellent upgrade package.
Whatever your system please contact us for any information on printing plastic cards for any reason.