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Reasons why leasing Epos System is a good idea

New Horizon Systems Limited are pleased to be able to offer a quick and simple way of purchasing your new EPOS equipment, through our preferred leasing partner, Focus Leasing.

Established in 1994, Focus Leasing can offer you a finance solution to suit your needs for any equipment for £1000.00 plus VAT or more.  They cover the whole of the UK and have facilities to suit all of our customers, from start up ventures to PLCs.

With access to all the major funding lines in the UK, they can guarantee that we will obtain you the best facility. This may involve obtaining the best price, best deposit terms, least onerous credit agreement or simply finding somebody who will just provide the finance!
With flexible agreements running from 1 Year to 5 years many customers choose this method to purchase equipment. Advantages of this type of finance include:
  • Fixed Rates for the length of the agreement
  • Major tax advantages – every payment is 100% allowable against tax
  • Spreading the cost of the equipment makes it easier to obtain higher specification equipment
  • Maintain cash in the business for future growth.

Working with Focus Leasing our role is to provide you with all the information you require in order to make an informed decision. Normally a quote can be provided within 4 hours and we put you in contact with an account manager who will explain all the tax advantages and costs involved specific to your personal circumstances.
Owning your own system for your business is not always an easy option to take. A lot depends upon cash flow and a lot of businesses are reluctant to spend money where this is uncertain. This is particularly more the case if you are just starting up. Leasing is the step between renting and owning your equipment and often offers you the best solution without hurting company finances. 

 Below we will be discussing why leasing your Epos/Cash register is a good idea   

Improve Cash flow

As you will not have to pay for your equipment outright, you will not be spending any large amounts of company funds on your system. Leasing offers you your full equipment on a finance basis without the need of capital expenditure. Not only does this improve cash flow it maintains cash in the business for future growth.

Retain Credit Lines

Keep existing banking arrangements, credit lines and cash free for uses that are more appropriate.  Our finance facilities cannot be withdrawn like overdraft facilities.  Use cash and bank funding for working capital to maintain a healthy business

Major tax advantages

Leasing payments are 100% tax deductible and helps to maximize tax efficiency

Simplify Budgeting

With leasing companies, your payments are fixed throughout the entire term of agreement. This means you will never have to pay more than you have agreed to pay if you abide to the existing terms of agreement. All options can be discussed before acceptance of your payment schedule. This allows for accurate, simple and easy budgeting with the added outcome of forecasting your payments.

Let the Equipment Pay for Itself

By using the leasing to your advantage, you can essentially allow your equipment to pay for itself. As you pay of the system you have requested, you can take sales and use the system to your advantage allowing the flow of money to continue to add to your company capital. Similarly, to how you wouldn’t pay all of your staff up front, you can pay for your Epos system as you reap the benefits of owning your fully tailored Epos/Cash register system.

Keep Up to Date

Use leasing to your advantage by upgrading your system as your term of agreement terminates. Leasing offers you two options, extended leasing of equipment for a set period where you do not own the equipment ends and another option which allow you to pay a fee to own the equipment after the agreement is terminated. Using the primary option listed above, you would be able to set up another term of agreement with a more updated system to what you would have owned by the end of the agreement date. This means you can always have the most up to date systems without having to pay large costs up front every time. Let leasing work with you to keep you ahead of the competition.

Simple Approval in Two Ways

In many situations, leasing may be primarily classed as a revenue item for budget purposes which make assist you in the process of obtaining authorisation for the expenditure of a new system. Secondly, many approval processes can be set up within a single phone call, then approval can be accepted within the same day.

With access to all the major funding lines in the UK, we can guarantee that we will obtain you the best facility. This may involve obtaining the best price, best deposit terms, least onerous credit agreement or simply finding somebody who will just provide the finance!

Finance Examples

Typical Finance quotes for a Touch Screen hospitality system can be as little as £15.00 per week or £67.00 per month including table planner.

An Epos scanning system including touch screen and stock control can be between £18-20 per week or £75-85 per month.

Note all quotes are dependent upon personal circumstances and can be higher or lower than examples above and exclude VAT.

Any Leasing figures quoted are subject to credit approval for business users trading for over 3 years only. We can also offer finance to start up and new businesses- ask for the figures.

Final Thoughts

With the massive advantage an EPOS System can provide such as a record of stock, accurate re ordering, reporting margins, check for theft either from staff or through shoplifting it is easy to see how quickly an investment is repaid.

The question to ask is not “Do I need it?” but “What do I need it to do?”

Make the first positive step - get a finance quote today.

If you wish to lease your new EPOS equipment, apply today in one of the following ways and New Horizon Systems working in partnership with Focus Leasing will arrange a facility promptly for you.

1- Email Sales-
2- Call New Horizon Systems on 01322 554305