Cash Register

Cash Register

Cash Register
The Elcom Euro-150 TE Flexy is modern and elegant electronic cash register designed for all small to medeium-sized shops such as groceries, butchers, greengrococers, drug stores, boutiques, newspaper kiosks. fast food and other general stores.
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£45.00exc VAT
£54.00inc VAT
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Elcom 150 Flexy

Ergonomic Shape
Timeless and elegant design of Euro-150 Flexi will guarantee quick billing and ideal realignment with your businesses. Design of cash register is designed for easiest maintenance of all cash registers in the market.

Easy load thermal printer

Comfortable and quick thermal paper change
Modern drop-in system marked by simplicity and speed of change paper roll, increasing the availability and reduce downtime for changing.

Customer rear display

Well-readable back-light display for customer and for operator
Alphanumerical operator display (displays numbers and letters) has high contrast and stylish blue back-light that provide superb visibility. By that it helps to reduce operator eyes strain that regarding couple of hours use can increase  operator performance. Customer display is 10-digit segmental with back-light. Thanks that, customer display is easy readable also in different lighting conditions.

Ecternal devices

Wide possibilities of external devices connection
You can connect to the cash register a cash drawer for better control of balance in hand, hand-held, multidirectional or in-counter barcode scanner for billing speed and lower error rate, digital scales for reading data of weighted goods.

Easy Menu Display

Intuitive menu
The most required conditions of users are easy operation and quick training of personnel. Euro-150 Flexy is coming with so-called menu system. This system you can know from cash register Euro-50 Mini. Thanks that is cash register programming at the most easy.

Programable keys

Programmable keyboard
The Euro-150 Flexi keyboard is fully programmable. We can program this for you if prior information is supplied to us.

Elcom 150 Flexy Keyboard

Resistant keyboard
For operator is very important the resistance
and comfortable control because operator works with cash register whole day. The Euro-150 Flexy keyboard fulfills all the conditions which will appreciate your employees.

SD Card for electronic journal

SD Card
For concurrent backup of electronic journal you can use the SD memory card which is included in a package. The access to SD card is really easy and quick. Its placement is really secure so you don't worry about theft of card.